3NS Tex Kinesiology Sports Athletic Tape 5cm X 5m – blue


  • Strengthen your performance
  • Treat your muscle pain
  • Prevent joint arthritis
  • Excellent air permeability
  • Water resistant
  • Size: 5cm x 5m

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Exclusive Sports Strapping Tape

How 3NS Kinesiology tape works:

By lifting the skin, it improves blood and lymph circulation and it reduces the pain. 3NS helps to protect sprain, strain and conclusion, and it works to relieve the pain.

Premium Quality Materials:

Use 3NS Kinesiology Tape to perform better during sport or when you are doing an effort. Resistant from water and sweat. After taking a bath or a shower, dry the tape with a dryer.

Skin Friendly:

Elasticity is similar as human skin and allows less skin irritation. Latex free, drug free and due to its 140% of elasticity, the tape does not restrain body movement and let the skin breath naturally.

Support and Care:

3NS Tape has a wide range of uses. It improves the condition of your neck, back, knee, shoulder, elbow…etc. It allows the body to increase support and healing without restricting movement.