Passion Drives Innovation

Fouriers Bicycle Components is an exceptional Taiwanese manufacturing company. Behind Fouriers is a family firm of engineers and riders with a passion
for bicycles and more than 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing high-end bike components. Fouriers was created with the intention to share our experience and passion with the rest of the world, in the hope that everybody can enjoy the sport.

Fouriers – For U Riders

We Ride all bike types.
We Invest in our people, machines and riders.
We Discover new ideas and improve on others.
We Engineer every product from sketch to manufacturing.
We Refine existing products from good to excellent.

Quality Safety Performance

We use the strongest and lightest materials for our components.
Durable grades of aluminum, highest quality carbon fiber, and quality plastic imported from Switzerland.
Fouriers is a world class manufacturer, and we rely on our sponsored riders to prove our ability to continuously develop and fabricate top tier bicycle components.


Fatigue Testing Machines

Our riders demand the lightest components which exceed safety standards.

Inspection Machines

Our lightweight carbon-fiber made products are of the finest quality. To assure this quality, we test our carbon-fiber products from top to bottom with the inspection machine.

Microcomputer Attenuation Tester

We are pioneers in product quality and know that carbon-fiber is an ambiguous material. Therefore we also check our carbon-fiber made products’ strength by our Microcomputer Attenuation Test. The test puts them under 150kg of pure force, two times, for 30 seconds. The result, a safe and reliable product that every rider can trust.

Hardness Testing Machines

To assure the intensity and safe structure of our products to meet the international standards, we carry out discreet sample inspection to pass the hardness test. It is important to us that we deliver consistency in our product quality.

Coordinate Measuring Machines

The coordinate measuring machine is key to reach our goal of high product standards. We only want to provide our customers the best and most excellent quality. Therefore we use 2.5D CMM techniques to test all our products.

EFBE, Testing Center in Germany

After EN testing at Cycling & Health Industry R&D Center (in Taiwan) we send our products for further inspections to EFBE in Germany, so that we can assure our high expectations and meet the international standard.